Thursday, January 8, 2009

BCS National Championship January 8th 2009!

Tonight at 8 on Fox is the start of the 2009 BCS National Championship! The National Championship features the SEC 12-1 Florida Gators vs the Big 12 12-1 Oklahoma Sooners. Heisman winner quarterback Sam Bradford faces off against runner up Heisman quarterback Tim Tebow. Both teams have great offenses and defenses. This game we hope will be a good game. The past 3 out of 4 national championship games were basically blow outs. The SEC has won the National Championship the past two years and Florida is trying to make it a 3rd. Two years ago Tim Tebow was a freshman on the National Championship in 2007. In that game Tebow threw a passing touchdown and a rushing touchdown. He completed these accomplishments and he was a freshman and not even the starting quarterback. The starting quarterback was Chris Leak who ended up winning most valuable player that game. The last two times Oklahoma was in a the biggest bowl game of the year they lost both. They lost to USC in 2005 in the Orange Bowl. The year before that they lost to LSU in the Sugar Bowl. The last time the Sooners played an SEC team in the highest bowl game they lost. Will history repeat itself or will the Sooners change history and defeat the number one Florida Gators? We will find out tonight in what should be a spectacular and exciting game!

Joe - Gators
Jeff - Gators

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