Sunday, January 4, 2009

New York Yankees Exhibition Prices

The New York Yankees have announced about a week ago that for their exhibition games against the Chicago Cubs on April 3rd and 4th the prices for certain tickets will be the same as the ticket prices in 1923. The prices will be 25 cents for bleacher seats and $1.10 for grandstand seats. By the Yankees doing this it makes it feel like a new Yankee Stadium is being born. It gives the same sense of feeling that fans had in 1923 when Yankee Stadium was first opened. I believe this is a smart move and an unbelievable deal for yankee fans.

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  1. I like what the yankees are doing here with their ticket prices. I feel that every team should do this when they open a new stadium and set the ticket prices from their very first game. I am not sure if the Mets are doing this but the way they Yankees are doing this is very cool. I might go to one of the games and I am not even a Yankee fan. This would just be cool to do this and be a part of the opening of their new stadium.