Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pettitte rejects Yankee's Offer

On Monday Andy Pettitte a long time Yankee declined the offer that the Yankees offered him, The contract was for 1 year 10 million dollars. I don't exactly know if that's a smart move by Andy cause nobody wants a 37 year old pitcher who wants 16 million + for 2 years. Andy stated that he wants to return to the Yankees so he can pitch in the new stadium, but if he wants to pitch in the new stadium why is money such an issue? I'm saying that the dodgers might take a shot on Pettitte considering that Torre spoke to him before the winter meetings saying that he would be a great addition to our team, and considering that Lowe is walking, and Penny is on Boston. So who is your ace? Are going to trust the injury prone Jason Schmidt to be your ace? I don't think that's a good choice. He hasn't preformed since playing on the Giants. MLB.com reports that the Rangers are showing some interest in the veteran lefty .I'm saying Andy returns to the Yankee's for about 12 to 13 million for 1 year or go to L.A for a possible multi year deal for around 16 +. If these agreements are not met is there a small possibility that he might retire?

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