Sunday, January 4, 2009

Come back team of the year Giants ???

I believe that San Fransisco will have a turn around year because With the addition of the Randy Johnson who brings leader ship and experience to the table, He can coach the up and coming star in Tim lincecum , Matt Cain, and give Barry Zito a couple of tips. Then recent speculation says that Manny will land in San Francisco, if the Giants get Manny he will do wonders to that lineup, Manny might not be the best guy in the clubhouse but he brings excitement poise and performance , I am picking the Giants to be a contender not a first place team, but to be a team like the Miami Dolphins to have a bad year then turn it around.

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  1. The Giants have a very big starting 5. Adding Randy Johnson and now possibly Manny they will be very strong in the pen and on the field both offensive and defensive. This team will become very effective throughout the rest of the offseason and they will get stronger during the spring training.