Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mets looking to keep Perez

The New York Mets are looking to keep Oliver Perez. They have allegedly made an offer of 3 years $30 million. Perez who went 10-7 ,with a 4.22 ERA ,wants to play for the Mets said by agent Scott Boras. If this deal is accepted, the mets will have a strong rotation, and will have a better chance at playoff contention.


  1. What makes you think that this deal will most likely be accepted?

    Boras will point out how much older and non-lefty starters Lowe and Burnett have already received? Also, Boras known for taking a long time until he gets an offer more to his liking?

    So I was just wondering if you have any reason to think otherwise.

  2. I don't think the Mets should take Perez back. He is so inconsistent and he needs to train more until he gets better than maybe just maybe he should contact the Mets back.

  3. because perez said during the last few games of the season that he would like to return to the mets. Plus nobody else has really even looked at perez, and offered him anything , thats why i say he goes back to the mets.

  4. New York Times said that the Mets haven't even made him an offer yet.