Sunday, January 4, 2009

Will C.C be a bust or a success

Will the $ 161 million dollar offseason aqusion be a bust or a success. I think that C.C Sabathia will be a 15 game winner and up. People might disagree but here is why, When C.C Sabathia was on the Indians he was a no doubt a good pitcher but had trouble especially in the A.L East, with the Yankees and Red Sox teeing off on the hefty lefty and the Blue Jays Rays and Orioles either average or below average against him. I am going to predict that he will be 17-9 in the 2009 season with over 200 strike outs and an ERA of 3.35. That is a great record but New York fans are expecting Sabathia to be the hero and pitch every game like he did on the Brewers, You will never see another season from Sabathia like this again, Considering that the NL is weaker than the AL.

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  1. Its a totally different atmosphere for C.C. in NY. It will be very different but he will be backed by a very strong team. They always score in deep perdicaments and they know what to do. C.C. should do very well and they will be stronger when they start working together in spring training.