Sunday, January 4, 2009

Manny , Manny who ?

At the beginning of the winter meetings in December, Scott Boras had his hands full. With the Yankees and Mets making many key offseason acquisition, Manny was not one of them. The Dodgers, Yankees, Giants, Nationals, Angels, And even the Mets where in the running for Manny for a while. When it came time to talk to Boras or Manny and discuss money the teams Interest drastically decreased. The dodgers seemed to be the clear favorite in the beginning of the winter meetings when offered the 36 year old left fielder $ 45 million dollar contract for 3 years, Manny and Boras where not satisfied with that offer so they declined it in hope for a better offer to come from the Yankees or Angles. When it seemed that the Angles where not gonna get The price trophy of the free agent market Mark Teixeira they were seen talking to Boras and discussing a multiyear deal for Manny days later the Angels dropped out for Manny and all eyes were on the Yankees. reported that the Yankees where discussing a contract with Boras, But for who? Most people said Manny and not Teixeira. But the people where wrong the Yankees just landed what to some teams as the Angles and Red sox as their primary offseason signing. Now where dose that leave Manny, well with the favored Dodgers being denied from Manny ,leaving him going back to L.A unlikely, the once favored Angles dropping out and focusing more on their bullpen, The Yankees dropping out with the spending in the offseason almost a half a billion dollars leaving them with no room in the outfield for Manny nor salary cap, The Nationals can be a possibly but not really , Manny wants to go to a team where he will win and be happy and i don't exactly know if Washington is the place taking into consideration that they are in a rebuilding stage, and last The Giants leaving them now as the clear favorite to land Manny. These next couple of weeks will really determine if Manny will return to the west coast with the Dodgers or Giants, or Coming back to the east coast only in The NL. East with the Nationals. If Manny really cares and loves playing Baseball, will money be a factor, or at this point will he take what he can get no matter what team.

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  1. Manny has been given a couple offers and has turned them down or they have been taken away. Manny can't decide where to go and he has to decide fast otherwise he will have some problems. All the teams are biting but havent done anything definate. Who knows where he is going to next?