Monday, January 5, 2009

Pat Burrell Signs with Rays!

Pat Burrell has just agreed to a deal with the Rays. The deal consisted of a two-year contract for $16 million dollars. The 32-year old outfielder has played throughout his career on the Phillie's. Burrell has hit 30+ home runs three times in the past four years. Also, in the past four years he hit 85+ RBIs. Although he has these good numbers, he has also failed in the past three years to have a batting average better than .260. Despite his average he is an all around good player. He fits good in the Rays outfield. This is true because the Rays have recently had injury problems with a few of their outfielders. Burrell will bring a threat to the AL East division with his offense and defense. Burrell makes the Rays lineup consist of power and contact. This addition brings balance to the lineup. The Rays have been looking for a power hitter on the right side for sometime since Jose Canseco.

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