Sunday, January 4, 2009

Franchise him or Free agent him?

Will the Patriots keep Matt Cassel ? Yes i believe they might try ? Will he accept . The set back of Tom Brady has the Patriots Front Office Scratching their heads , about resigning the savour of their season , or to let him walk?Chances are they will offer him a contract but will he accept? I don't know if he will accept, after coming off a great year with 3693 passing yards, 21 TD's, and a QB rating of 89.4%, you can see him possibly walk to be a starting QB because he certainly has the talent and determintation it takes. Some possible teams the Jets, and lions. both so far without a starting QB with Brett Farve in question of his return or retirement and the lions Daunte Culpepper most likely not going to return, Cassel will either stay with the Pats or go to those possible teams.

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  1. Even though Brady will not be ready for training camp I say you prepare the 3rd string QB for playing and then send Cassel into the free agent pool. The Jets are a good competitor for him but first they have to sign a new head coach which could possibly be Spagnola from the Giants.