Monday, January 5, 2009

Chargers V.S Steelers

The Chargers and Steelers game is going to be a game of turnovers. Look to see that BIG BEN will throw a couple of interceptions, which will result in some points for the Chargers. But you have to look out for Pittsburgh's running game , when having a healthy Willie Parker and Mewelde Moore, you have a very affective running game , you have Parker for speed, and Moore for power. With Parker plagued by injury he did not have a season with over 1000 yards as he has had in the last couple of seasons, but look for him this game to be the difference maker. I don't exactly know if i can trust Darren Sproles as my starting running back, yes considering him coming off a good week I just don't know if he can penetrate the Steelers Defense as he did to Indy. With the questionable LaDainian Tomlinson, the leader of that team can the Chargers defeat the Steelers? No I don't think they will defeat the Steelers, I'm saying Steelers win. As i said earlier its going to be a game of turnovers, watch the Steelers secondary having a busy game.

Joe - Steelers

Jeff - Steelers


  1. I think that the steelers will win because san diego's defense is not very good while the steelers have arguably the best defense in the league. Sproles is definitely a weapon that the Chargers will try to use but the Steelers will stop him like everyone else this season.

  2. If L.T. doesn't play they still have Sproles to play which is a very good running back, but the Pittburg D and O is very good except for wen Big Ben doesnt play. I am going with the Chargers on this one.

  3. the steelers will take advantage of an LT-less chargers team and win 27-17